Health Education England

Responsible for the education, training and development of the healthcare workforce.

Health Education England
Trust Development Authority

Supporting NHS trusts to secure sustainable, high quality services for the patients and communities it serves.

Trust Development Authority
Local information

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Made up of local GPs, nurses and other professionals are responsible for commissioning services for local communities.

Commissioning Support Units (CSUs)

Provide professional advice and support to CCGs and other customers.

NHS Choices

Provides information on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living.

NHS Choices

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From 1 April 2013, your local GPs will be joining together into Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), to take charge of how local health services are run. They will be responsible for buying much of the secondary care hospital and community services patients need. In addition, the new NHS Commissioning Board office will oversee the provision of NHS care in London, with a dedicated office and staff based in the capital. Public health functions will also transfer from the NHS to local government.

From 1 April 2013, if you have a comment or complaint about a GP, dentist, pharmacy or optician that can't be resolved locally with the Practice Manager, please contact the NHS Commissioning Board at or call 0300 311 22 33.

If you have any comment or complaint about a hospital, mental health or community trust please contact them directly.

Primary Care Trusts, the NHS organisations which currently run health services locally, will be abolished on 31 March 2013.

NHS Brent, NHS Ealing, NHS Harrow and NHS Hillingdon will be replaced by NHS Brent CCG, NHS Ealing CCG, NHS Harrow CCG and NHS Hillingdon CCG. If you have a comment or complaint about any other local health service, please contact your CCG at or 020 8795 6771.

NHS Hammersmith & Fulham, NHS Hounslow, NHS Kensington & Chelsea and NHS Westminster will be replaced by NHS Central London CCG, NHS Hammersmith & Fulham CCG, NHS Hounslow CCG and NHS West London CCG. If you have a comment or complaint about any other local health service, please contact your CCG at or call 020 3350 4567.